If you are using a credit card for your payment method, you must sign a credit card authorization receipt for your balance at time of check-in. If reservation is placed over the phone, we will authorize your credit card for the dates of stay to secure a room.  Should the guest name differ from the cardholder’s name, a Credit Card Authorization form must be filled out, via fax or email, to secure reservation. Should the time period of your reservation remain unknown, you are giving authorization to charge your credit card for the length of stay. Credit card disputes must be presented, first to Ambassador Inn Management. In the event that Ambassador Inn has defended a valid credit card charge-back, and is successful in providing that the credit card debt was in fact legitimate, there will be an additional $80 fee assessed to the cardholder.



All reservations must be cancelled by 4PM CST, the day of your reservation. If you do not cancel prior to 4PM CST, you will be charged for one night’s stay. (Charges may vary due to the type of room you book)



Vehicles with a trailer attached are NOT permitted to park in lot. The hotel is not liable for damage and/or theft, to vehicles in parking lot. Please keep valuables out of cars. Please do not backup into parking spaces.



If a pet is detected in your room, that is not a service dog or approved by Management, you must pay for an additional nights stay to cover cleaning and deodorizing costs.


*Service dogs are acceptable, if proper paperwork is provided with advanced booking.



If you do drink alcoholic beverages, please do so within the confines of your room and be respectful to others. Drinking and loitering outside of hotel, is not permitted. Authorities will be notified immediately should a violation occur.



If items are missing and/or damaged, you will be charged for those items.


 The Ambassador Inn is independently owned and operated.

The Ambassador Inn

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